Since the social unrest due to pork fat issue in late 80’s, muslim community in Indonesia beginning to look for clarity on the halal-ness on food and food-products. Later on issue on halal-ness of drugs and cosmetics also emerged, followed by increasing awareness and need for halal-ness in other aspects of life.

Halal Lifestyle Indonesia was established with the Vision to “Ensuring Halal Lifestyle could be easily and confidently attained at affordable costs” 

We seek to serve community of consumers who wish to enhanced their life with a halal lifestyle, and provide them with links to merchants of halal products and services.

Our Value Propositions to the community :

1. Ease of access to quality and accurate information on halal products & services

2. Assurance of halal-ness of the products & services

3. Ease and convenience in obtaining halal products & services